PARASOLCORPUS.ORG is under construction and will be probably until October 1st, 2021. We are working to make the corpora hosted on this server available to you as soon as possible. After the update, some corpora will be discontinued, others will be greatly expanded. ParaSol will be available in a much enlarged version.

If you want to be notified when the corpora are online again, please fill in this google form

After the corpora are online again, you might need to re-register to continue to use ParaSol.

For the time being, please use the following link to access the parallel corpora: crystal/bonito

Ursynow | Natolin

My apologies for the inconvenience caused and hoping to see you soon on our server,
Ruprecht von Waldenfels (Uni Jena)

PS: Please contact me if this rather sudden shut-down causes difficulties for you. Also, we appreciate any feedback (especially positive, but not only)! Please direct enquiries to firstname.lastname (without the von) at uni minus jena dot de